Saturday, 25 May 2013

Whatever, Untitled

Life is not as easy as we hope. Many aspects in our life became so hard to face and made us very desperate. I do not know many things, I just try to live my life as everybody want. Just open my mind to accept what everybody said, and try to do the best for everyone. But sometimes, all that things just make me stress and even cannot enjoy the life itself. If that happens, I will do what I wish to do. Doing everything I want, enjoy everything by myself, silence and that's when my ego appears.
Many things we hate in our life. We just need to make everything we hate become something we do not really care too much, and it hopefully never make our life running unwell. Just look for some happiness in another way.
In my life always there is someone that always makes me feel so stressed. Even when the person doing nothing, I can feel so bad when seeing that person. I do not even know why.
Whatever, that's the life I live, with all of my ego, my personality, and all inside myself.

Doing some stupid stuff sometimes so fun :D

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