Friday, 26 April 2013

Things on My Mind #4

Not everybody loves us. That one thing we must remember. Sometimes when we fell we do something right, someone else cannot appreciate that, even they feel what we do just unimportant and wasting time. If you ever experienced that, do not be sad, just do the right thing you wanna do. That is not mean you must ignore everybody around you, you just have to know, which one someone who cares to you, and which one who wanna make you down.
Few days ago I've felt so bad. Someone I care a lot said a bad thing to me, said the words that made me feel so sad and disappointed so much. I think I've do the right things and try best for that person, but sometimes the reality is not as good as we wish. However I've try my best, I was angry, when other people judge that I cannot do what I said. How sad, when someone you really care said, "You talk nonsense and give too much advice but you never proof it." That experience made me realize, not all people understand what you suppose to do. Many people dislike what you've done. Fortunately I have many friends who really love me, they support me, said that not all people hate what you do and not all people love what you do, so just take positive side of this situation. My mom said that never ignore what people said, just listen, and never down because of it. Because they just people who do not know yourself. They just can see with their eyes, although actually sometimes eyes cannot see clearly even blind.
One of my friends stated in his FB, "People disappointed because they hoped."
Yeah, that's right, the One you can expect is only God, only Him understand you and appreciate you. Everybody can judge you, they can say you are not good, you are only talk nonsense, you cannot do everything well, as long as you have do the best. Let everybody said everything they want, what you must do is believe that Allah always have a beautiful way to try you out.
I do not know what I really talking about, but I hope all of my words will open our mind and make us think more positively and only hope everything to God.
May Allah Bless all of us :)

With My beloved Roommates, Farie and Winda :)

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