Monday, 29 April 2013

My Thought: Dreaming

Some people enjoy living in their dream so much.
They even just playing around with their unreal life, and keep closing their eyes.
They never realize that the reality is not as good as their imagination.
Every one likes live comfortably, but they need to know, life is not just about how everything running well.
It's about how we face everything, face the reality.
Dreaming isn't bad, even dreaming helps us to believe that we can do the best, and have a better future.
But dreaming is not about living inside it comfortably. We have to wake up and bring it into the reality.
Makes your dream happen is the most important action you must do.
Even me, I love living inside my dream. Stay relax and never force myself to do harder than usual.
I do realize that to get more than I have, I must effort it.
My mind walks millions miles, but my body stays relax and doesn't move everywhere. I feel like my life actually moving so fast, but this body just can moving so slow.
Now, whatever, I must struggle if I wish tho get success. No time for complaining, whining, and grumbling. Just doing everything best and remember my priority.

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