Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Nature, My Destination

Nature never disappointing someone. It has been giving everything we need and we want. I even enjoyed so much the moments when I was getting lost, alone, with someone, or with everyone. I love nature, I can feel my sad gone when I enjoyed the nature. Maybe because I am AB blood type, I can enjoy every moment even the moment which someone else feels like doesn't interesting at all.

I love fresh air, inhale the oxygen, feel the God's power. I love staring the nature from the hill, seeing people beneath the hill, seeing the town from above, enjoying the star twinkling and the sparkling town light at night. I found myself like in a paradise. That's maybe the reason why I love Kota Batu so much. Fresh breeze, hill and ravine scenery, so wonderful.

I actually have done the real mount climbing once, to Semeru. I've never had mount climbing anymore.I think I not really good at climbing the mountain. It feels like I'll die when I got the top. But I can feel the satisfaction doing all that things. I think I love the jungle too. :D

All of that things is enough for being the reason for us to thank our God, Thanks Allah for everything. Thanks God for let me living in the such beautiful place, living in Indonesia. My country is absolutely like paradise. In the town like Jakarta and Surabaya maybe we will bothered by the crowded town, pollution, and messy environment, but that's just little part of Indonesia. There are still many parts that people must know about this country.

I have a dream, I wanna go to some places that I never know. I want to go to Derawan Island in East Borneo, the province I've actually been living until today, but I've never been really living there because of my study. Second place is Raja Ampat in West Papua, many people sure ever listen about how beautiful this place, especially the scenery under it's  sea. Third, I wish I can go to Lombok, hiking and climbing Rinjani mountain, second highest mount in Indonesia after Semeru. Hope I can make those wishes happen guys!!

So for today, I will just enjoy living in my beloved island, Java. :D

Derawan Island, source:

Misool Island Raja Ampat, source:

Rinjani Mountain, source:
 And these I wanna share my pictures with nature :D

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