Sunday, 27 April 2014


I feel so bad lately. I don't know why, many things bothered me so well. About my collage, my body, many things. And this story is about my body, Two days ago I checked my body's health, you know what? I actually sad found that I am getting fatter every day. In my 23 years old my body's age just like 30 years old!! how come? damn it!

My weight is 56 kg with height 157 cm, some people said that my body is still proportional, but it the fact that they don't know my fat is more then the standard, and I got overweight and obesity. whatever!!
I have a mission, for getting my proportional body I have to do some diet. Stay away from junk food (OMG, they always wake my appetite up successfully). Someone who checked me said I have to change my eat habit. 

Me in 2010, want my body back!

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