Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Earth Day!!

Today, we are celebrating World Earth Day. Since we were born, we've been enjoying the free fresh air from the nature. We have been living on our beloved earth freely, and nature never asking anything from us. Now time for us to give some contribution for keeping the place we've been living since a long time ago. Keep it green by planting, no more littering, avoid pollution by walking and cycling. With our little effort hopefully will make our earth healthier and fresher. Don't think that our earth is the inheritance from our ancestors for us, but thing that our earth is the inheritance from us for our grandchildren. Makes our world better!!
This morning, my campus celebrated earth day by campus car and motorcycle free. Every one was not permitted riding their car and motorcycle in campus area. They also was not allowed smoking in the campus. My campus was so fresh today, yaaeeeeyyyy :D Happy Earth Day Everyone!!
Teater k2 also performed today, here the video,

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