Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Nature, My Destination

Nature never disappointing someone. It has been giving everything we need and we want. I even enjoyed so much the moments when I was getting lost, alone, with someone, or with everyone. I love nature, I can feel my sad gone when I enjoyed the nature. Maybe because I am AB blood type, I can enjoy every moment even the moment which someone else feels like doesn't interesting at all.

I love fresh air, inhale the oxygen, feel the God's power. I love staring the nature from the hill, seeing people beneath the hill, seeing the town from above, enjoying the star twinkling and the sparkling town light at night. I found myself like in a paradise. That's maybe the reason why I love Kota Batu so much. Fresh breeze, hill and ravine scenery, so wonderful.

I actually have done the real mount climbing once, to Semeru. I've never had mount climbing anymore.I think I not really good at climbing the mountain. It feels like I'll die when I got the top. But I can feel the satisfaction doing all that things. I think I love the jungle too. :D

All of that things is enough for being the reason for us to thank our God, Thanks Allah for everything. Thanks God for let me living in the such beautiful place, living in Indonesia. My country is absolutely like paradise. In the town like Jakarta and Surabaya maybe we will bothered by the crowded town, pollution, and messy environment, but that's just little part of Indonesia. There are still many parts that people must know about this country.

I have a dream, I wanna go to some places that I never know. I want to go to Derawan Island in East Borneo, the province I've actually been living until today, but I've never been really living there because of my study. Second place is Raja Ampat in West Papua, many people sure ever listen about how beautiful this place, especially the scenery under it's  sea. Third, I wish I can go to Lombok, hiking and climbing Rinjani mountain, second highest mount in Indonesia after Semeru. Hope I can make those wishes happen guys!!

So for today, I will just enjoy living in my beloved island, Java. :D

Derawan Island, source:

Misool Island Raja Ampat, source:

Rinjani Mountain, source:
 And these I wanna share my pictures with nature :D

Sunday, 27 April 2014


I feel so bad lately. I don't know why, many things bothered me so well. About my collage, my body, many things. And this story is about my body, Two days ago I checked my body's health, you know what? I actually sad found that I am getting fatter every day. In my 23 years old my body's age just like 30 years old!! how come? damn it!

My weight is 56 kg with height 157 cm, some people said that my body is still proportional, but it the fact that they don't know my fat is more then the standard, and I got overweight and obesity. whatever!!
I have a mission, for getting my proportional body I have to do some diet. Stay away from junk food (OMG, they always wake my appetite up successfully). Someone who checked me said I have to change my eat habit. 

Me in 2010, want my body back!

Masha and The Bear

Lately I've been falling in love with one of Russian animation, Masha and The Bear, produced by  Animaccord Studios, and first release on January 2009. In Indonesia this animation is presented by one of private television channel, ANTV. The story is about Masha's adventure with her animals friends, the bear, the rabbit, two wolves, and many others. Masha is kind of cute, precocious, slightly mischievous girl. The character of Masha is very interesting, I've been very entertained with this funny little girl. I always kinda laugh out loud when enjoying this animation. You know what? I've subscribe their youtube official account. :D

Wanna see their other videos? open n subscribe, Маша и Медведь, they use Russian language.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Yes, I am Cothew22

Guys, remember my posting For Cothew 22: Kita? this poem is tribute to my dear Cothew22, they are my beloved friends who struggled and learnt many things with me. I don't know what people think about us, we just feel that we are one after we faced many haters and problems. We never ask each other become what we want, we just accept our plus and minus by the times. We had argued many things, that's why today we know each other. Love them very much!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Earth Day!!

Today, we are celebrating World Earth Day. Since we were born, we've been enjoying the free fresh air from the nature. We have been living on our beloved earth freely, and nature never asking anything from us. Now time for us to give some contribution for keeping the place we've been living since a long time ago. Keep it green by planting, no more littering, avoid pollution by walking and cycling. With our little effort hopefully will make our earth healthier and fresher. Don't think that our earth is the inheritance from our ancestors for us, but thing that our earth is the inheritance from us for our grandchildren. Makes our world better!!
This morning, my campus celebrated earth day by campus car and motorcycle free. Every one was not permitted riding their car and motorcycle in campus area. They also was not allowed smoking in the campus. My campus was so fresh today, yaaeeeeyyyy :D Happy Earth Day Everyone!!
Teater k2 also performed today, here the video,

Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Aimless Day

Sometimes people do not really know what they wanna do. Just like me, today. Walked around just for spending my free Monday. Went to Car Free day at Ijen, Malang with my cousins, had some exercise, enjoyed fresh free air. We should thank God for everything.

Friday, 18 April 2014

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Gerhana,lama kita terdiam disini
Dengan sikapmu yang seperti buang muka
Tanpa sedikitpun isyarat atau kata
Lama ku nanti jawaban dalam kesunyian
Kamu tak juga beranjak dan bergeming
Apakah diam itu isyaratmu?
Jadi mungkin ini saatnya berhenti

Gerhana, lama kita terdiam disini
Dengan sikapmu yang seperti buang muka
Aku rasa selesai sudah
Terimakasih telah menjawab tanpa kata
Menjawab dengan isyarat diammu

*Posted on Facebook Esa Fatmawati
                         November 25 2013

Saturday, 12 April 2014


I love playing with children so much. Remember my posting about my dear twin cousins Ayak and Ayik?
Last time I went to Kota Wisata Batu we had really fun painting used 'Paint' computer program. Wanna see our cretaion? check this out,

Friday, 11 April 2014

Draw and Speak Up!!

Two things I enjoy so much are drawing and thinking. People said that I love writing, well, they not really know me actually. The thing I love is thinking, for deliver my thought I have to speak or write it. So people will say I love talking and writing, whereas I just try to deliver people my thought.
Another thing to satisfy my brain is reading. Read Kahlil Gibran books, and some novel. Maybe my interest in Kahlil Gibran's work influence some of my way to deliver my thought.