Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Friend's Wedding :D

Happy Tuesday :D
Last Saturday I went to one of my classmate, Islah wedding party. She is so beautiful!!
Unfortunately few minutes after welcome my classmate group she got down, and we cannot had a photo session with the couple :(
One day before Islah's wedding was my college friend, Winna wedding day. So in one week I went to couple wedding parties. Both of wedding parties was so wonderful. That makes me wondering how my wedding party will. They were so beautiful, like a queen. Islah with golden kebaya, looks so glamour :D
Than Winna wore pink kebaya, she really beautiful, and different. Because usually Winna is kind of simple girl. Hope my wedding one day will be as beautiful as I wish :D
In both weddings I wore same dress, haha because in Winna's wedding I do not have any preparation, so I just wore very simple outfit.


First picture is in Winna's wedding, she was so pretty :D
Second picture were taken in Islah's, just having photo session with my girl classmate, maybe the boys were too shy, hoho
Third picture is me :D that was what I wear in Islah's wedding, my sister dress, huhuhu (look, I've getting fatter, I hate that!)

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