Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Place Called Home

 I Love Teater K2 :)
Just wanna stay here, my home, place I learnt a lot...

Five years wasn't a short time living here. Place where I found friends, happiness, sadness, how to know different people, how to understand different character, and many knowledge.
Teater Komedi Kontemporer became one of my house, place I called home. various people I knew here. Learn about laugh and cry, together.
Now, however I realize, I cannot be here forever. There is a time when I must leave this place, this place I called home. The day when I have to let everyone here live without me. I don't really think, what they will feel when I have to go. They sad, happy, even if they just do not care. One thing I know, I love this place, love them who live with me here. So Much...

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