Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Place Called Home

 I Love Teater K2 :)
Just wanna stay here, my home, place I learnt a lot...

Five years wasn't a short time living here. Place where I found friends, happiness, sadness, how to know different people, how to understand different character, and many knowledge.
Teater Komedi Kontemporer became one of my house, place I called home. various people I knew here. Learn about laugh and cry, together.
Now, however I realize, I cannot be here forever. There is a time when I must leave this place, this place I called home. The day when I have to let everyone here live without me. I don't really think, what they will feel when I have to go. They sad, happy, even if they just do not care. One thing I know, I love this place, love them who live with me here. So Much...

Monday, 29 April 2013

Monumen Pahlawan Balikpapan

I've just found these photos. Feels homesick now :(
Missing you Mom, Dad...

Remember, when I was child, my family always had really great picnic in this place.
Beautiful isn't it??the seashore is so blue, so clean, and so beautiful.
Monumen Pahlawan, Balikpapan

My Thought: Dreaming

Some people enjoy living in their dream so much.
They even just playing around with their unreal life, and keep closing their eyes.
They never realize that the reality is not as good as their imagination.
Every one likes live comfortably, but they need to know, life is not just about how everything running well.
It's about how we face everything, face the reality.
Dreaming isn't bad, even dreaming helps us to believe that we can do the best, and have a better future.
But dreaming is not about living inside it comfortably. We have to wake up and bring it into the reality.
Makes your dream happen is the most important action you must do.
Even me, I love living inside my dream. Stay relax and never force myself to do harder than usual.
I do realize that to get more than I have, I must effort it.
My mind walks millions miles, but my body stays relax and doesn't move everywhere. I feel like my life actually moving so fast, but this body just can moving so slow.
Now, whatever, I must struggle if I wish tho get success. No time for complaining, whining, and grumbling. Just doing everything best and remember my priority.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Love These Photos :)

Love these photos so much, because those photos are so funny (I think) and always make me laugh :D
isn't it??

Pentas Study 26

Last night Teater Komedi Kontemporer peformance of Pentas Study Generasi 26 can be done successfully. I am very happy that our performance can be appreciated by everyone. So proud because the performance entertained everyone and many audience laugh of some dialogues and expressions of the actors. I am sure, there is no such a wasting time in every of our life, as long as we do what we choose best and maximally.
Thank you for everyone that willing to come and made time for watching our performance. Also thanks for every support from every theater communities and audiences who came last night. Finally thanks for all of Teater K2 members. :)
I love Teater K2!!!
For our performance photo post, will be posted next time, just wait :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Innalillaahi wa Innailaihirooji'un...
Today we lost someone we really respect so much. The ustadz who has beautiful voice and always makes me enthusiastic when listen his speech. Rest in peace Ustadz Jefri Al Buchori. May Allah give the best place for you.

Things on My Mind #4

Not everybody loves us. That one thing we must remember. Sometimes when we fell we do something right, someone else cannot appreciate that, even they feel what we do just unimportant and wasting time. If you ever experienced that, do not be sad, just do the right thing you wanna do. That is not mean you must ignore everybody around you, you just have to know, which one someone who cares to you, and which one who wanna make you down.
Few days ago I've felt so bad. Someone I care a lot said a bad thing to me, said the words that made me feel so sad and disappointed so much. I think I've do the right things and try best for that person, but sometimes the reality is not as good as we wish. However I've try my best, I was angry, when other people judge that I cannot do what I said. How sad, when someone you really care said, "You talk nonsense and give too much advice but you never proof it." That experience made me realize, not all people understand what you suppose to do. Many people dislike what you've done. Fortunately I have many friends who really love me, they support me, said that not all people hate what you do and not all people love what you do, so just take positive side of this situation. My mom said that never ignore what people said, just listen, and never down because of it. Because they just people who do not know yourself. They just can see with their eyes, although actually sometimes eyes cannot see clearly even blind.
One of my friends stated in his FB, "People disappointed because they hoped."
Yeah, that's right, the One you can expect is only God, only Him understand you and appreciate you. Everybody can judge you, they can say you are not good, you are only talk nonsense, you cannot do everything well, as long as you have do the best. Let everybody said everything they want, what you must do is believe that Allah always have a beautiful way to try you out.
I do not know what I really talking about, but I hope all of my words will open our mind and make us think more positively and only hope everything to God.
May Allah Bless all of us :)

With My beloved Roommates, Farie and Winda :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

HBD Ganda :)

Happy Birth Day dear Ganda my beloved lil sist :)
Today, April 24th 2013 is my lil sist birth day, so proud that my cute lil sist has already grown up. Unfortunately today we cannot have such a good time together. So many wishes, hopes, and prays, I wanna say for her. So sad that I and both my lil sist are apart. However, I believe that Allah has a beautiful secret and sweet ending for us. So, He has made us apart now, and will make us get on together in exact time.
I'm missing both my lil sist now :(

That's the last photo we have taken together, so sad :(

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Drizzle Mizzle :)

I love Rain!!!
rain always makes me feel so calm and relax...
I love both rains and drizzle :)
Walking through the rain is so fun, and although the rain sometimes caused bad puddle of water, it's still fun and amazing!!I love Rain!!!

This photos taken on the way home from my lecturer house when the drizzle was pouring, fun wasn't it??
have such a wet FUN!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Things on My Mind #3

Bosan banget belakangan ini, gak banyak yang kulakukan. ya Allah, kenapa ya susah banget menghilangkan hal yang bernama MALAS?? rasanya malang buat nyelesaikan skripsiku, mana buku referensi yang aku cari gak ketemu-ketemu lagi, jadilah tambah malas. Terkadang memang untuk melakukan sesuatu kita harus menyukai sesuatu itu dulu, dan aku lagi berusaha sekuat tenaga untuk menyukai mengerjakan skripsiku. Sama seperti kawajiban-kewajiban yang lain, terkadang serasa menekan dan memaksa banget. Jadi mau gak mau kita harus merasa butuh, biar kita bisa menyelesaikan semua dengan perasaan ikhlas.

BTW gambar diatas mirip aku gak :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Quotation of The Day

"Jika sebuah kesempatan itu kelihatan tidak mungkin, berarti hanya ada dua pilihan: tetap berusaha atau menyerah" - unknown

Thursday, 18 April 2013

"What I Must Do" List

Sudah lama sekali sejak postingan terakhir, sibuk dengan banyak rutinitas-rutinitas yang membuat aku belum sempat menulis lagi. Belakangan aku sering bermasalah dengan fikiranku sendiri, sampai-sampai aku buat daftar yang harus aku rubah dari diriku. Aku yang memang cenderung moody bisa berubah mood cepat. Mulai yang awalnya guyon dan ketawa-ketiwi sama teman-teman jadi pengen nangis cuma gara-gara hal kecil. Jadi ini daftar-daftarnya:

What I must do:
1. Bekerja Keras
2. Bersikap baik pada semua orang
3. Lebih banyak mendengar
4. Hindari ikut campur urusan orang lain
5. Berfikir positif
6. Lebih banyak tersenyum
7. Lebih sabar dan lapang dada
8. Menyadari tiap orang BERBEDA
9. Percaya semua hal bisa diselesaikan dengan baik
10. Menerima kritik dan saran

semoga semua bisa ku lakukan dengan baik ya, amin :)